Sustainable Selling is not a fixed state of harmony but rather an evolving process in which the application of sales resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are balanced with future as well as present needs.   It’s about rethinking and reframing ‘growth’ and rethinking sales and incorporating the "sustainable selling" thinking into sales training, sales consulting and  coaching (sales coaching) and more importantly, sales strategy.

Why Sustainable Selling?

With the green agenda comes Sustainable Selling.  More and more questions are being asked by many about how we can best manage business relationships now and for future generations?   More and more the conversations are revolving around managing value rather than only managing cost.

Professional bodies such as CIPSA (procurement) are asking questions about how we manage and guarantee supply in an ever changing, often unpredictable and volatile world.   The messages are clear people are wanting real, frank, measurable, trusted, transparent, substantial, ethical selling and procurement practices which discourages excessive consumption and greed.  The focus is on forging legitimate business relationships which serve the environment, people, business and communities recognizing that ‘We are all in this together’.

If we are to meet the needs of the present (economic, environmental and social) without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, we need to engage in Sustainable Selling practices which support the concept of Sustainable Development as part of our strategy moving forward.

What is Sustainable Selling?

Sustainable Selling is a movement started by Barrett  which seeks to encourage, develop and endorse ethical selling principles, ideas, values and practices which value trust, transparency, substance, community, the environment and healthy profits while discouraging the exploitation of people and resources, excessive consumption and greed.  Sustainable Selling plays a role in Barrett's sales training, sales consulting and coaching (sales coaching) and sales strategy.

Sustainable Selling recognises that everybody lives by selling something and that selling is about the principle of exchange - the sustainable exchange of ideas, innovations, products, tools, concepts, feelings, money and value.  The focus is on creating Sustainable Selling business cultures by encouraging, coaching and sales training all people in sustainable selling and business principles and skills so they can forge legitimate business relationships which serve the environment, people, business and communities.

Ideally Sustainable Selling is about:

  1. Results not solutions.
  2. Contribution, not distribution.
  3. Outcomes, not income.
  4. Connections, not transactions.
  5. Ideas, not product.
  6. Collaboration not competiveness
  7. Contribution, not distribution
  8. Creativity, not productivity.
  9. Renewable, not consumable


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