Our vision for Sustainable Selling extends beyond the day to day operations of our own business.  On a broader business perspective, at Barrett we seek to develop the Sustainable Selling Manifesto & Charter where we are inviting individuals and companies to contribute to its formation.  

Our vision extends to the creation of a tribe or community of businesses and business people who subscribe to the Sustainable Selling Charter which would lead to the subsequent opportunity for businesses to do business with other Sustainable Selling Partners.

The Sustainable Selling Charter & Practices would support the concept of Sustainable Development and Cradle to Cradle initiatives which provides practical applications of the principles of sustainability in the real world.

We invite you to join us in developing:

  • Sustainable Selling Manifesto
  • Sustainable Selling Charter

Please register your interest in being a part of this project in the Sustainable Selling Register Interest form.

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  • www.sustainableselling.com is owned by BARRETT.

    We want to create a Sustainable Selling community or tribe where like minded business people come together to create a more sustainable and ethical way of doing business.

    Barrett has been in business since 1995 and is an end-to-end sales training, sales consulting, sales strategy and coaching (sales coaching) practice with a prominent reputation in the Australian market as trusted experts and advisors in creating high performing, sustainable people, teams and leaders. With over 50 years shared experience, the Barrett methodology combines process and person to create purposeful action and ultimately achieve excellence.

    We have also created a new online sales education resource called Salesessentials.com which comprising a) How-to Sales e-books, Research Whitepapers, Barrett 12 Sales Trends Annual Sales Trends Reports, Podcasts, etc. (Please see www.salesessentials.com/shop for current offerings), b) Online Sales Training (you can read about Online training providing general information), c) the Benefits of Online Sales Training (you can read about the benefits that online training provides versus conventional classroom training), d) our Online Sales Training Courses (you can read about the courses we offer and read information about them), but also about e) Sales Resources: tools, templates, coaching resources. etc.

    Sustainable Selling is the creation of Sue Barrett and Jobst Schmalenbach.

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